Experienced Compositor, 3D Generalist,
Animator, Designer and Digital Artist.

 I am a Senior Compositor, 3D Generalist, Animator, and Digital Artist with an extensive background in the post-production industry. Since 2002 I've been doing computer graphics for more than 30 feature films, many TV shows, countless advertisement and music videos, games and apps.
 In 2010 I was the creative director and the post-production supervisor for the full-length 3D animation film "Nosferatu. The Horror of The Night" which was awarded on the international movie festival.
 In 2013-2016, I have supervised a team of 9 compositors at a mobile app startup in San Francisco which was also awarded as a pioneering interactive technology.
 Since July 2019, I am a Senior Compositor at Encore Hollywood working on major US TV shows.

Recent Work

Landing FX, Fireball Compositing

Wound Design, Compositing

Explosion Compositing

Muzzle Flashes, Shells

Wound Design, Match Moving, Animation

FX Design, Compositing

Blood Design, Compositing

Bullet FX, Blood, Wound, Compositing

Transition Design, Compositing

Explosion Design, Compositing

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