Experienced Compositor, 3D Generalist,
Animator, Designer and Digital Artist.

 I am a compositor with an extensive background in the film industry, especially in the field of digital cleanup and video retouching. Also, I like 3D modeling and character animation. MaYa, Photoshop, Fusion, Nuke and After Effect is my everything.
 I have participated in the post-production of more than 30 feature films and some TV shows in my career. I also have much of post-production experience in creating commercial and production of the music video.
 In 2010 I was the creative director and the post-production supervisor for the full-length 3D animation film "Nosferatu. The Horror of The Night" which was awarded on the international movie festival.
 In 2013-2016, I have supervised a team of 9 compositors at a startup in San Francisco.

Recent Work

Stop Motion

Text Replacement

F. Kirkorov - Believe - VFX, 3D Design, Compositing

Motion Design

Unwanted Object Removal

Facial Cleanup

8 months of post-production

Stabilization, Cleaning up

Design, Animation, Compositing

Freezing, Compositing, Loop

Design, Compositing

Design, Compositing

Compositing, Rotopaint, Matchmoving

Object removal

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