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 In 2016 I started making quick examples of my current work. It could be a famous person or a new experience or a technically difficult shot. And I was wondering it shouldn't be just stored on a hard drive, but it could be a different type of showreel like a gallery of looped video effects.


Holland cool movie - motion design

Snow Queen - compositing

Anna Semenovich - beauty work

Anna Semenovich - beauty work

Faceless effect - shading, tracking, compositing

Holland cool movie - compositing

Product replacement using warp animation

Adore me - cleanup

Furby Connect - 3D modeling, shading, rig

Shadow effect - 3D modeling/animation, motion design, compositing

Music Video - VFX, motion design, compositing

TV Show - VFX, compositing

Maybelline - product replacement

Textile Fair - chromakey, compositing

Jason Derulo - If It Ain't Love - VFX


Music Video - matte paint, chromakey, compositing

Music Video - matte paint, chromakey, compositing

Monopoly Man - character animation

M&M's 75 - cleanup, compositing

Kiehl's - VFX

3D rhyme "Goose Gander" - 1 minute of full CG


Samsung - 3D modeling, animation, compositing

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