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 In 2016 I started making quick examples of my current work. It could be a famous person or a new experience or a technically difficult shot. And I was wondering it shouldn't be just stored on a hard drive, but it could be a different type of showreel like a gallery of looped video effects.


Geico - Element 3D

Matte Paint, Choma Key, Compositing

Digital makeup correction, VFX, Compositing

Puff - Effect

Netflix - Facebook Ads

Gwynnie Bee - Facebook Ads

Lenta Store - 3D visualization, Compositing

Kiehl's - Animation

F. Kirkorov - VFX, compositing, 3D design/animation

Stella Artois - RotoPaint

Aveeno - RotoPaint

Lucky Case - RotoPaint

Timur Rodrigez - chromakey, compositing


CG Cloning

Prime now - retouching

VFX on a very limited source

Chroma key

Loreal - product replacement

Kiehl's - compositing

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